Which Fertilizer Is Best? Quick-Release vs Slow-Release Fertilizers

The Differences Between Quick-Release And Slow-Release Fertilizers

Fertilizers play a critical role in any lawn or landscape by providing essential nutrients your plants and grass needs for lush, healthy growth.

The three main ingredients in fertilizer are:

  • Nitrogen – Stimulates plant growth and reproduction
  • Phosphorous – Stimulates root growth and improves the overall health of the plant
  • Potassium – Aids in the photosynthesis process, and is important for moisture regulation.

These three essential nutrients will be found in most (if not all) fertilizers. Yet, not all fertilizers are the same. Some fertilizers are quick-release whereas others are slow-release. What are the differences between the two? Let’s take a look:

Quick-Release Fertilizers

Quick-release fertilizer is best used on newly established lawns that are sustainable. With this type of fertilizer, the nutrients become immediately available to your grass and plants. Quick-release fertilizer is good to use if you’re looking to push rapid growth on new lawns. Applying it early in the growing season will allow your grass to grow strong and tall, which will naturally block out weeds!

When applying a quick-release fertilizer, you’re going to want to do so carefully. Because of its solubility and how quickly it dissolves into your lawn. Over-application can result in burn damage to your lawn. Keep in mind, the use of a quick-release fertilizer means re-applications will be necessary, and you will have to mow much more. So, be ready!

Slow-Release Fertilizers

True to its name, slow-release fertilizer sends those essential nutrients to the plant/grass roots at a much slower rate. This is perfect for well-established, healthy lawns looking for that additional boost. Also, because those nutrients are being released at a slower rate, re-application is usually not necessary. You won’t have to mow as much and the benefits will last much longer.

When applying slow-release fertilizer, you’ll want to ensure you do so at an opportune time. The nutrients will not be immediately ready, so if your lawn is not established, a slow-release fertilizer won’t do much good.

Blended Fertilizers

Often times a blend between slow-release and quick-release fertilizer is best! Not only will your lawn be provided with the instant nutrients it needs, but it will also be provided with that steady stream of nutrients throughout the season. The most difficult part about blended fertilizer is getting the proper mix for your lawn. For this, we recommend contacting the professionals at Ashton Walden.

Which Is Best For My Lawn And Landscape?

So what is the best way to tell which type of fertilizer is best for my lawn and landscape? It’s simple; give the professionals at Ashton Walden a call. Our team of lawn care experts will examine your lawn to determine which course of action to take. Our custom blend uses both quick-release and slow-release fertilizers that restore the strength and vitality of your lawn and landscape.

When it comes to lawn fertilization, nobody does it better than us.

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