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Lawn Care in Shallowater

In 1997, Ashton Walden Turf Services set out to resolve the frustration Lubbock residents experienced with the lawn care industry by providing a full menu of professional and tailored lawn care services rooted in outstanding customer service. Decades later, we are known as the premier locally owned and operated lawn care company for Shallowater’s residential and commercial properties.

Our customer- and quality-focused approach holds every member of our crew accountable to meet Ashton Walden’s high standards in providing exceptional lawn care. We make working with us easy for our Shallowater customers with:

  • Our 1-stop menu of lawn and turf care solutions, including mosquito control.
  • Unparalleled customer service.
  • Customized lawn care services at competitive price points.
  • Convenient online payment plans.
  • Free retreats if you are unsatisfied with our treatments the first time around.
  • An available crew member ready to answer your calls. Never a robot.

When you trust the certified professionals at Ashton and Walden, you can rest assured we will never apply unnecessary treatments to drive up costs. We take time to get to know you and your lawn so we can develop a personalized plan to deliver exactly what you need; no more, no less.

We can’t wait to work with you. Call us today!

Our Lawn Services in Shallowater

Head-turning lawn care takes time, equipment, skill, and knowledge to the extent that there’s little time left to actually enjoy the results of your backbreaking efforts. At Ashton Walden, we want you to bask in your yard without the interruption of endless lawn care tasks in the back of your mind. Our expertly crafted menu of residential and commercial lawn care services includes:

  • Year-round lawn fertilization program.
  • Complete weed control.
  • Leaf-damaging insect control.
  • Grub control. 

We have lived in Texas and have been in the lawn care business for more than 2 decades, so, we understand your turf differs from your neighbors’. Our crew takes care to listen to your lawn care needs and create a plan tailored to your expectations.

Call today for your free assessment!

Core Aeration in Shallowater

The more you use your lawn, the more your soil compacts, and here in Texas, our lawns get just as much foot traffic—if not more—as our living rooms. Compacted soil and thatch block grassroots from absorbing the benefits of fertilizer, water, and weed control treatments.

Core aeration is the process of breaking through the layer of clay-like soil to make passages for air, nutrients, and water to nourish your grassroots. At Ashton Walden, we use a state-of-the-art core aerator to uniformly remove small plugs of soil and redistribute essential nutrients throughout your lawn’s entire root system. Routine core aeration also decreases water waste by reinstating your lawn’s natural drainage system—a great value when facing Shallowater’s water restriction months. Other benefits of core aeration include:

  • Eliminates unsightly dead patches.
  • Enhances your lawn’s natural defense system.
  • Makes your turf more comfortable to play and lay on.

If compacted soil is suffocating your lawn, give us a call now! 

Overseeding in Shallowater

Overseeding often follows core aeration so the new seed can fall into the open holes and blend with the current grass, hastening noticeable growth in less than 2 weeks. However, there are several cases in which overseeding is used to bring dead areas back to life or create growth in shaded spots. This is where Ashton and Walden’s expert understanding of Texas turf comes in.

We know most of our state is covered in Bermuda grass, which doesn’t grow well in the shade. We assess your property to pinpoint areas that don’t get enough sun for sufficient growth and apply fescue grass seed, which doesn’t require a lot of sun to flourish, to fill your sparse spots.

Our overseeding service promises an improved appearance of your entire property. If you are left unsatisfied with our treatment, call us, and we will retreat your outdoor space until you are.

Tree and Shrub Care in Shallowater

Incorporating trees, shrubs, and ornamentals into your landscape enhances air quality, provides protection from the Texas sun, and increases the value of your property. Ensuring your plants look their best takes year-round attention, something you may not always have time to give. Ashton Walden’s extensive Tree and Shrub Care Program provides complete maintenance of your landscape’s leading beauties by our on-site certified arborists.

Our Tree and Shrub Care program begins in early spring and runs through winter. We specialize in keeping your lawn’s main attractions turning heads during every season by including:

  • Dormant/horticultural oil.
  • Deep root tree fertilization.
  • Tree spraying.
  • Insect and disease control.

Receive $25 off your first service when you sign up for our Tree and Shrub Care Program! Call today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Mosquito Control in Shallowater

Are you fed up with mosquitoes dominating your property and making your outdoor retreat intolerable? We at Ashton and Walden find mosquitoes claiming your yard as their own unacceptable, and our professional mosquito control specialists have the equipment and products to deliver a bite-free season for you and your family.  

Rather than avoid the outdoors during mosquito season, allow us to perform an inspection of your property to determine problem areas that are attracting these disease-transferring insects to your lawn. Pooling water, high grasses, tree-lined perimeters, and heavy weeds serve as venues for mosquitoes to breed and multiply. Our mosquito control service targets these areas with an effective spray to wipe out mosquitoes at any stage of their lifecycle. We also blanket your yard, beds, and gardens to eliminate areas that could play host to more breeding opportunities. 

Our mosquito control solutions include one-time event treatments or year-round mosquito protection. Contact us to learn more about our programs.

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