Texas Lawn Diseases That Cause Serious Damage In The Summer

Learning about which lawn diseases can greatly affect your turf is how you can become better prepared to protect and prevent these issues from taking out your lawn entirely. When you catch them early, you can stop them before serious damage occurs. But when you are skilled and seasoned at knowing how to care for your lawn in a preventative way, you won’t have to worry about them.

Texas Lawn Diseases To Watch Out For

Red Thread

brown patch

This particular disease develops pretty irregularly throughout your yard. The area in which Red Thread covers varies, which is why it can sometimes be confused with other lawn issues. This lawn disease can show up in four-inch patches or cover up to two feet in diameter. When you are observing your lawn to determine what the issue is, look for identifiable features of Red Thread such as the reddish blue color and the thick red strands of fungus that grow right from the leaves. Red Thread is a fungus that attaches ryegrass, bluegrass, and bentgrass, as well as many other types of grass.

Brown Patch

The notorious Brown Patch is a common lawn disease in the south, and throughout the United States in general. When spotted, this lawn disease looks like brown or tan circular patterns that could be as small as a few inches, or as large as a few feet wide and tall. These patches are most identifiable by the circular shape they hold, which is how they are set apart from other common lawn diseases.

Since we’re in Texas, Brown Patch has the perfect weather to develop in, as it survives best in humid conditions. Things that cause Brown Patch are issues like over-watering, compacted soil, and poor drainage. Preventing this disease early includes overseeding.

Dollar Spot

This is another well-known common lawn disease that shows up in little spots, which appear as if they are bleached parts of grass. This is how you can recognize Dollar Spot. Because Texas experiences hot summers, it creates the perfect environment for this disease to thrive in. It shows its ugly head when evening temperatures get above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Things like poor weather, rain, and lack of sunlight can also cause Dollar Spot to show up on your lawn.

To take measures that will help prevent Dollar Spot, you should be watering deeper, but less often, and always plan your day around watering in the morning.

How To Treat Lawn Diseases If You Failed At Preventing Them

Not everything we do can be perfect, life gets the best of us and sometimes we don’t catch everything. So when lawn care slips through the cracks and you find yourself with any type of lawn disease, here are some measures you can put in place to correct the issue:

  • Watering: It is important not to let your lawn want for water, but don’t drown it either. Find a happy medium and stick with it. This way, you will be able to prevent fungal diseases that thrive off moisture.
  • Mowing: Keep to a regular mowing schedule and never trim your grass below one-half of an inch. Short grass brings weeds and long grass creates a good environment for diseases.hand water lawn

Choose The Experts At Ashton Walden Turf Services To Protect Your Lawn This Summer!

At Ashton Walden, we have years of experience dealing with Texas lawns and the problems they face. If you want to take it easy next year and let someone else do the work then call and ask about our lawn care program. We are well versed in what it takes to tackle serious summer lawn diseases so that you can finally get out and enjoy the summer in an almost post-pandemic world.

Our expertise does not stop at lawn care and turf disease, we also tackle mosquitoes, core aeration, overseeding, tree and shrub care, and so much more. If you want to see all that Ashton Walden Turf Services has to offer, check out our full list and description of services here.

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