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How to Dethatch Bermudagrass

Bermuda grass The list of summer chores usually includes mowing and watering the lawn, but did you know about dethatching?

If you’ve got Bermudagrass on your lawn, it won’t look its best if you’re skipping this particular lawn task! Find out what dethatching is and how to take care of it from the experts at Ashton Walden Turf Services.


Why Do I Need to Dethatch?

Thatch, just to clarify, is that layer of dead grass that’s built up over the colder months when you’re not out working in your yard. It’s leftover clippings from mowing, dying roots, bits of grass or leaves that have died since your last mow, and other pieces of natural matter that have collected. That layer of organic material can be helpful to your lawn, as it contains some nutrients that benefit your grass.

However, Bermudagrass needs to be cleared of that layer of thatch, or ‘dethatched’ in order to look its best. Aside from being unsightly, an overly thick layer of thatch on your lawn can lead to disease, weak roots, and can even prevent water or fertilizer from reaching your soil. Thankfully, you only need to worry about dethatching once a year.

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Steps to Dethatching Your Lawn

Using a thatching rake or a vertical mower, depending on the size of your lawn, dethatch your lawn twice in each direction. For example, start moving East to West, then North to South. After you’ve loosened up the layer of thatch, rake it up and mow the lawn soon after to break up any leftover debris.

While smaller lawns can often make do with a thatching rake, homeowners tackling a larger lawn will definitely want to use a vertical mower. These machines, also known as dethatchers or power rakes, work similarly to a lawn mower and can be rented from your local hardware store.

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