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How Aeration and Overseeding Can Help Boost Your Spring Lawn

Spring is the time for you and your family to be outdoors, enjoying the newfound beautiful weather and welcoming the coming summer season. When we think of spring, we think of Easter, flowers, rain, and new life. But once your snow melts, you might not see all of these wonderful things happening with your yard. Snow can really take a toll on your turf, especially if it wasn’t well-cared for in the previous growing season.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to feel helpless when it comes to giving your lawn a good boost this season. Aeration and overseeding services are here and are ready to help renew your turf.

There are many ways that aeration and overseeding can give your turf a little boost this season. But first, it is important to understand what each of these services is and what they entail. While often grouped together, aeration is its own practice and overseeding is another.

For traditional core aeration, a machine will pull plugs about one to three inches deep up from your turf, allowing the soil to be loosened. Once this is done, your turf is ready to accept more nutrients, which is where overseeding comes in. This process is where extra seed is laid down to improve the growth and fullness of your turf.

Now that you understand the processes that these two lawn care services, it will be easier to understand how these can boost your lawn this spring.

Why You Might Need to Aerate Your Lawnlawn aeration

After the snow takes its toll on your lawn, your soil may become hard and compacted. This is one of the major reasons your lawn might need aeration performed. Some signs that this might happen are bare areas, clay-like soil, soil that is tough to cut through, a build-up of thatch, spongy grass, and pooling areas of water near the sides and edges of your turf.

What Benefits Aeration Can Provide

Aeration will allow the soil to be loosened, which in turn creates enough airflow to optimize the use of fertilizers, nutrients, and watering. With all of the extra space in your soil, it will be better prepared to live and create a full, green lawn for your home or business.

When Is Overseeding a Good Idea After Aeration?overseeding lawn

If the reason you chose to aerate your turd includes any of the above-listed reasons, it is likely that your lawn at home or your business was never receiving enough nutrients, to begin with. If this is the case, overseeding within the 48 hours after you have aerated will be the best option to fill in those bare patches. Another great reason to overseed afterward is to ensure that your turf is seeded before you begin a rigorous watering schedule.

How to Achieve Aeration and Overseeding with Ashton Walden 

With both aeration and overseeding done, your lawn will have the ability to thrive again! Don’t miss out on utilizing Ashton Walden’s professional and experienced services to create the lawn you want. A lawn says a lot about who you are. Whether it is your home or business, you want to make a good impression on your guests. Having a beautiful lawn will do that for you.

Spring Is A Great Time for Aeration and Overseeding

With compacted soil and turf that wants to thrive this season, aeration may be your only choice! Following the process up with overseeding practices can only improve your lawn’s overall health and fullness. Our team here at Ashton Walden is more than capable and equipped with the right education and experience to provide both of these services to you! Whether you have a home or a business, our team is happy to accommodate any of your needs.

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