Year-Round Lawn Care Guide for Homeowners

year-round guideA beautiful lawn is a year-round job. Because there are so many things to consider when taking care of your lawn, Ashton Walden Turf Services has put together this calendar for Lubbock area homeowners! If you’ve ever wondered when to spray for bugs, when it’s time to fertilize, or what you should be doing to prep your yard for winter, read on.



  • Remove any and all dead plants or leaves from your yard.
  • Make sure your irrigation system is ready for the summer season ahead. Address any damage or leaks.
  • Dethatch Bermuda grass.
  • Start a fertilizer and weed control program.


  • Check up on water regulations to familiarize yourself and catch any changes.
  • Mowing season has arrived – expect to mow roughly once a week.
  • Use your catch cups to monitor how much water you’re giving your grass. (We recommend an inch and a half each week.)


  • Aerate your lawn, if needed, to make sure the water and fertilizer you’re putting out is at its most beneficial.
  • Stop weeds before they start. Prevent weeds from coming back by killing winter weeds before they can seed. Herbicides and regular mowings are your best tools.



  • Start thinking about insects on your lawn. Now is the time to prevent grub worm infestations.


  • Keep mowing, but make sure you’re doing what’s best for your lawn. Dry summers with less water for your lawn require less frequent mowings than wet summers with lots of rain.
  • As the heat rises, make sure your mower blade does, too.


  • Know how much to water your lawn. Ashton Walden’s catch cups are a great way to see how much rainwater you’re getting. Depending on your rainfall, supplement with your own irrigation system (staying within water restriction guidelines). We recommend a minimum of an inch and a half per week.



  • Continue to mow, but expect your grass to grow more slowly as the weather cools off. As the season wears on, you’ll mow bermuda less frequently.
  • Overseed and fertilize your fescue.


  • Go after perennial weeds – they’re most vulnerable during autumn when they’re storing nutrients in their roots. Weed killer will be most effective now.


  • Rake up fallen leaves, or mow over them until they’re small enough to sink to the bottom of your grass.



  • Spray weed control now, while your bermuda is dormant. Winter is the time to get rid of grasses like poa and rye.


As you can see, a great lawn is a lot of work! Homeowners who don’t have the time to keep their Lubbock lawn looking its best should give Ashton Walden Turf Services a call at (806) 632-3571. We’ll be happy to help make your lawn the greenest on the block!

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