When Should I Start to Water My Lawn?

Question: When should I start to water my lawn?


Most homeowners know that the Lubbock heat means they need to water their lawns, and in such hot areas, they usually make a note of exactly how much water they’re allowed to use under water restrictions.


However, not everyone knows when to start watering for the season. Ashton Walden Turf Services spells out the beginning of watering season below, to clear up any confusion for our homeowners.

Answer: Right now.

Ok, maybe not right now. (We recommend watering your grass at night, since the low humidity of Lubbock means a lesser risk of fungus.) However, if you haven’t begun watering your lawn for the season, it’s time to start. Lubbock area lawns should receive a little less than an inch and a half a week, starting in April.

If you’re not sure how much you’re watering your lawn, use a rain gauge (Ashton’s lawn care experts always have them on hand) to find out how long you need to water your lawn each time you turn on your sprinklers. New to the area? Make sure you understand how Lubbock’s water restrictions work, so you’re watering your lawn the right way.

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Inspect & Automate Your Sprinkler

In order to make sure your lawn is getting the most out of your watering habits this summer, it’s important to have your sprinkler system inspected. Calling your lawn care provider for a quick check now could save you the expense of a major repair later, not to mention damage to your lawn!

While they’re out, ask your lawn care expert about setting your sprinkler to a schedule. By using an automated system, days you’re running late or out of town won’t mean your grass misses out.

It’s officially lawn season. Call Ashton Walden Turf Services today, at (806) 632-3571, to get your lawn in tip-top shape now – so you can enjoy a green, lush lawn all summer long!

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