What Does a Wet Winter Mean for Your Lubbock Area Lawn?

We’ve had a wet winter so far this year and that will affect your lawn come spring. What do you need to be aware of and what actions do you need to take to make sure you have the best lawn possible? The lawn care experts at Ashton Walden want you to be informed.


More Winter Grasses Like Poa Annua and Rye

Unfortunately, wet winters mean more unwanted grasses like poa annua. Poa annua, also known as annual bluegrass, is an annual weed that produces tall tasseled seed stalks that will typically stand up above the rest of the lawn late spring or early summer, then cause ugly brown spots later in summer when it dies out in hot weather. Then, when the weather cools, it thrives and spreads. Wild rye also germinates in winter and the extra moisture we’ve had will mean more wild rye as well.


Less Time to Get the Critical First Application of Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Applying a pre-emergent herbicide is the best way to prevent these weed seeds from germinating. For effective poa annua control, we apply a herbicide in winter and again in early spring. The wet winter pushes back the time that we can apply this herbicide. If it is applied too late, after March 1st, it will harm your existing Bermuda grass. Make sure you call us early so we can get to your lawn before March 1st.


The Good News about a Wet Winter

Moisture is always good in our area because it is generally so arid. Wet winters build moisture in the soil profile. Rains in the fall and winter go much further than summer rains because our evaporation rates are much lower in the winter than in the summer. That being said, it is still important to water your lawn some in the winter to keep your dormant Bermuda grass healthy and ready for a strong comeback in the spring.


If you have questions about lawn care, give the lawn care professionals at Ashton Walden Turf Services a call at (806) 632-3571. We’ll help you keep your lawn looking green and healthy even with our West Texas heat and water restriction challenges.

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