Tell the Neighbors! Wake the Kids! Don’t Miss the February Weed Control Window


Here in the Lubbock area, we have a tight window of time to apply pre-emergent weed treatments. You may not have been worried about your lawn care regimen this winter, but you can’t put off treating for weeds much longer. You worked hard last year on keeping your lawn healthy and green (at least as green as it gets around here) so why let it all be overtaken by weeds?

Isn’t It Too Early for Weed Treatment?

No way! It’s better to treat with pre-emergent herbicide to get ahead of the weeds. This form of weed control seals weed seeds prohibiting germination. Think of it as a seed suffocator. This means the seeds won’t steal water and nutrients from your grass, unlike if you wait to treat your weeds.

Don’t Procrastinate When It Comes to Pre-Emergent Treatment

Winter rye and Poa Annua are the leaders of the weed pack. They thrive in our environment, spread quickly, and are not easily eliminated. The best time to apply pre-emergent herbicide is when the temperature is below 60 degrees but the soil is warm. As you know from living near Lubbock, this is why we can’t wait until deep into spring. Getting an early start is your best bet and that means getting an herbicide down before Feb. 28th. If you wait until March, we can keep more of these weeds from germinating, but for the ones that are up, it’s too late. We have to switch to post-emergent herbicides.

What’s a Post-Emergent Herbicide?

Once spring has started, this is the form of weed control that can attack after plants have started to grow. Post-emergent herbicide works by direct application then traveling down through the plant stalk into the root system. For maximum effect, we recommend several applications. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

Control Weeds in February or Fight Them till Fall

We can’t tell you how many people call us in early March for weed control treatments and we have to tell them it’s too late for winter annual grasses. Call us now, and tell your neighbors too, so they don’t miss their opportunity to get the best start on a beautiful lawn. Between the heat and the water restrictions, we face enough challenges here.  Give your lawn a fighting chance with a weed control application now.

If you have questions about weed control or lawn care, give the lawn care professionals at Ashton Walden Turf Services a call at (806) 632-3571. We’ll help you keep your lawn looking green and healthy all year long.


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