Preventing Weeds Now Saves Hours of Work Next Spring

Ah fall. So much to do in the yard what with raking and disposing of leaves, cutting back perennials, repairing bald patches in the lawn, etc.

Well, we’ve got one more chore to add, but it’s one that will save you hours and hours of frustrating labor come late winter/early spring!

Stop Broadleaf and Grassy Weeds Now

In Lubbock, both grassy and broadleaf weeds are competing with your lawn for the precious nutrients it needs to keep its root system healthy and able to withstand the colder winter temperatures and rebound green and lush in the spring.

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The grassy weeds in question include:

The broadleaf culprits include annoying weeds like:

These are all cool season annuals that germinate in early September, grow, bloom and go to seed over the winter and spring before dying.

Pre-Emergent Kills Fall Weeds before They Germinate

Just as its name implies, a pre-emergent weed killer is applied before these pesky weed seeds have a chance to sprout. (Sadly, once they do sprout — it’s too late until next September rolls around again!) That means that you’ve got to act FAST and do it NOW, before it’s too late.

Grassy Weeds Must Be Treated in Fall

To be fair, you do get a second chance when it comes to the broadleaf weeds. If you miss your chance to take care of them with a pre-emergent herbicide now, you can apply a herbicide that’s formulated to attack broadleaf weeds in November and then again in late February, but even this won’t do you any good once the temperature drops below 65-70 degrees!

Where the grassy weeds are concerned, however, you don’t get a second chance. It’s now or never, as they say.

So remember, PREvent weeds now with a PRE-emergent weed killer and save yourself hours of work this coming spring!

If you need help with any aspect of lawn care in Lubbock, Texas, — including herbicide application — don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at (806) 632-3571.

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