Beyond Aesthetics: Four Reasons to Use Mulch on Your Lubbock, TX Lawn

Tending to your Lubbock, TX lawn requires more than consistent mowing and fertilization. To truly preserve your property and ornamental landscapes, you should also consider using mulch. Mulch comes in a variety of materials and colors, offering home and business owners in the state of Texas an easy way to boost curb appeal on their properties.

Most people know that mulching the beds and gardens on a property increases the overall aesthetics of the lawn. However, many don’t realize that these natural products also offer a diverse range of other benefits to the property, as well. Beyond beautifying your lawn, mulch delivers several distinct advantages to local yards, including:

Weathering Protection

Without mulch, the soil is often exposed to all weather conditions. Rain, wind, and other elements can quickly erode soil and cause issues for your lawn. Soil that’s vulnerable to erosion is often nutrient-deprived and infertile, causing the plants growing in the area to die. Using mulch on your landscapes not only minimizes the threat of erosion during harsh weather conditions, but it also prevents the loss of essential minerals and nutrients in the soil profile to help your property thrive.

Evaporation Delay

Here in Texas, high temperatures and extensive drought conditions make water retention vital. Yards without mulch often heat up at an exponentially higher rate, increasing evaporation throughout the property. Elevated dehydration can directly impact plants on your property, causing plant deterioration, increasing the risk of root exposure, and boosting any moisture-related stresses. Adding mulch throughout the property creates a robust, protective barrier between your Lubbock, TX lawn and the sun. As a result, the evaporation rate often slows down across the entire yard, safeguarding the soil, root systems, and vegetation against the skyrocketing temperatures.

Weed Prevention

Any weed seeds on your lawn that are exposed to sunlight will eventually germinate. If these germinated seeds are allowed to take root, they can quickly grow and spread, overrunning even the healthiest and hardiest properties. Weeds buried under a coating of mulch are immobilized, unable to disperse in the yard. Not only will your lawn look better without excessive unwanted growth, but you’ll also notice that you’re spending fewer hours in your yard weeding each week. 

Pest Control

Here in Texas, a single insect infestation can cause significant damage to our lawn, beds, and gardens. Mulching the property can help keep these unwanted backyard pests away from our healthy plantings. Certain mulch varieties, such as cedar bark, give off natural oils that serve as a repellent to a multitude of regional bugs and insects. Note: Some mulch types can actually attract pests. Consult with a professional lawn and turf maintenance provider to ensure you select the right option for your property.

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