Effective Ways to Protect Your Family From Mosquitoes

Those of us lucky enough to call the great state of Texas home know that the summers here are the best anywhere in the country. There are plenty of outdoor spaces to explore in the Lone Star State, but whether you are planning a canoe trip at Dunbar Historical Lake, watching the busy prairie dogs in Prairie Dog Town, or just enjoying a summer cookout in your backyard, you’ll have to be prepared to face hungry mosquitoes. These mosquito prevention tips will help you avoid mosquito bites this summer.

Dress Appropriately


If you are spending an evening outdoors with mosquitos present, you’ll want to dress for the occasion. Mosquitoes are attracted to bright colors and floral prints, so find something that is light-colored and loose-fitting. Tight clothes are easy for mosquitoes to bite through. Wear long sleeves and pants for extra protection. Mosquitos aren’t necessarily attracted to dark colors but dark clothes retain more heat than other clothes. This increases your body heat and, in turn, causes you to sweat more; both can be sensed by female mosquitoes.

Avoid Strong Scents

Perfumes, lotions, deodorants, and soaps can all play a role in how delicious you smell to mosquitos. To throw mosquitoes off your scent, choose products that don’t smell like flowers or anything sweet. Instead, cover yourself with scents like citronella, clove, lemongrass, peppermint, or lavender.

Eliminate Breeding Areas

Female mosquitoes lay batches of eggs — up to hundreds at a time – in pools of stagnant water. It doesn’t take much water for mosquito larvae to hatch. Things such as flower pots, wheelbarrows, birdbaths, rain catchers, toys, and tires can all retain enough water to foster an entire generation of mosquitos.

Use Screens on Doors and Windows

Being bitten by mosquitoes is annoying but not surprising. It’s when they manage to gain entry into your home that they become really annoying. It can be hard to sleep at night knowing that there’s a mosquito lurking somewhere in your house waiting for you to doze off so she can have a quick snack. To keep mosquitoes out of your home, make sure all of your windows have screens that are not damaged. Check for cracks and holes around windows and doors and calk where needed. This mosquito prevention tip will help keep those blood-suckers out of your home.

Use Mosquito Repellent

If you are taking a trip that brings you into contact with mosquitos, then you’ll want to pack some mosquito repellent. Mosquito sprays containing DEET are effective and safe when used properly.

  • Do not apply on cuts, wounds, or irritated skin.
  • Spray on clothes and exposed skin.
  • Do not spray under clothing.
  • Take a shower or bath afterwards.
  • To apply to face first spray on hands then apply.

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