How Lubbock’s Wild Weather Affects Your Lawn

changing weatherIt makes sense that the weather your lawn sees affects its health, but did you know that Lubbock has some of the harshest weather in the entire country?

Because of its unique location in a transition zone — an area that lies between desert conditions to the west and humid climates to the east and southeast — Lubbock has the dubious honor of experiencing a full spectrum of weather events.

What Tough Weather Looks Like

If you ask, most people will tell you they get rough weather, no matter where they live. But there’s something different about the seasons we see in Lubbock. From thunderstorms (sometimes with hail) from May until September, to snow as early as October and continuing through April, we see some of the harshest weather of anywhere in the US. And because we’re located in the southern portion of “Tornado Alley”, Lubbock has an increased risk of tornadoes. In fact, Lubbock has had more than 75 tornadoes since 1950.

Add in late winter and early spring winds that sometimes exceed 25 mph for periods as long as 12 hours, relatively sparse rainfall, and you’ve got a recipe for the weather driven roller coaster ride that is Lubbock’s climate. Very few regions in the U.S., if any, can match the ups and downs of Lubbock weather!

Even with all that crazy weather, we love Lubbock – and we’re happy to see Lubbock loves us, too!

Harsh Weather is Hard on Your Lawn

Thanks to all that harsh weather chaos in Lubbock, your lawn can struggle to survive, and you need to be extra vigilant if you want healthy grass (and who doesn’t?). Just as your own immune system struggles to keep you healthy during periods of prolonged stress, the wide variety of wild weather conditions make Lubbock lawns more susceptible to bugs and diseases than lawns in other parts of the country.

It makes sense, then, to give your lawn a fighting chance by giving it the TLC that only a lawn care specialist can provide. A specialist who is familiar with the challenges of Lubbock weather knows how to diagnose problems and effectively treat them, giving your lawn the “leg up” it needs to thrive.

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Don’t leave your lawn at the mercy of the harsh Lubbock weather. Call Ashton Walden Turf Services at (806) 632-3571, and let our trained professionals start fortifying your lawn for winter so it can start its spring growing season in the best of health!

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