Looking for Trouble: 3 Reasons Ashton Walden Follows A Condition Code


spraying lawnAt Ashton Walden we are always looking for trouble… at least when it comes to your lawn. What does this mean? The Ashton Walden team operates by a condition code when performing lawn and shrub care. Here are three reasons looking for trouble benefits homeowners.


1. The Ashton Walden team not only does quality work when it comes to your tree and shrub care, but we go over your lawn with a fine tooth comb to find any problem areas to improve. This helps to ensure that you are getting everything that you paid for and more.


2. We have a system in place to record all of the “conditions” of your lawn. These are stored in our in-cab tablets and are recorded before and after each visit. Your lawn and tree specialist can quickly access your lawn’s file and see what was happening to your lawn and trees at any date since you began Ashton Walden’s lawn care program. This helps the specialist treat your lawn for reoccurring issues or issues that cannot be worked on until a later date. An example of this would be a fescue lawn that is thin. After analyzing the lawn, we determine that the best solution is to over seed, however it is past the seeding window. This creates a flag that will notify the specialist to contact you during the next seeding window, and in turn helps your lawn look even better.

3. The Condition Code leaves the Ashton Walden team wanting your lawn to look better than you probably do. Why? A thick, green lawn is a sign of lawn care well done. If your lawn is the best looking lawn on the street we know that we are doing our job right.

Interested in finding out more perks to choosing Ashton Walden Turf Services? Give us a call, at 806-632-3571, and we would be happy to walk you through the benefits of an Ashton Walden lawn care program.

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