Does Your Lawn Have Grubs? 4 Major Signs to Look For

A healthy lawn is every homeowner’s dream! Unfortunately, there’s an unavoidable pest every landscape fanatic fears and many homeowners in the Lubbock area face come late summer and early fall– grubs.

Although in small amounts, their damage is barely visible, serious infestations could kill that perfect lawn you’ve been working so hard for. Ashton Walden Turf Services wants you to know these four surefire signs that your lawn has a grub problem that requires immediate attention.


1.) Your Lawn Has Irregular Patches of Brown Grass

Have you noticed any wilted, irregular shaped patches of dead grass throughout your yard? Although possible causes include dehydration, weak rooting grass in shady areas, or a form of lawn disease, this is also a leading sign your lawn has a grub infestation. You can tell grubs are the culprit if the grass is drying out faster in certain areas, and if patches that started out small are increasing in size.

2.) Carpet-like Grass

Another way to know whether grubs are the reason behind any dead patches of grass is to pull back a few blades. If it lifts from the ground in a huge clump, like a carpet, a serious, long term grub infestation is most likely your issue. Because grubs live beneath the soil and eat away roots, they disconnect the blades from the surface, creating this separation.

3.) Animals Love Your Yard

If your lawn has a significant number of grubs hiding beneath it, nature will let you know! Animals such as moles, raccoons, and birds will be highly attracted to your yard because it’s the perfect source of food. When you start seeing lawn damage from these new visitors, take a look underneath.

4.) Beetles Are Flying Everywhere

This is one of the most obvious signs, seeing how grubs are the larvae of certain beetle species. If you’ve seen an overabundance of beetles flying about or even if you come across some of the miniature cylinder shaped pests themselves, you’ve come face-to-face with the lawn damaging culprits.  

Now that you know what to look for, you can begin restoring your lawn to full health! Contact Ashton Walden Turf Services to get a professional team fighting for your dream lawn.

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