A Grub Treatment That’s Bad for Bad Bugs, but Won’t Hurt Good Bugs

Grubs are always a problem in lawns. Grubs are the larvae of beetles, including Japanese beetles, June bugs, and others, and there is no good way to prevent them from infiltrating your lawn. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell if you have grubs until the damage has been done. All you can really do is look for signs of a grub infestation:

  • Yellowing grass
  • Scattered and irregular dead spots,
  • Grass that pulls up in large patches because the roots are no longer anchored to the ground

Prevention Is Your Best Defense against Grubs

By the time you know you have a problem with grubs or other pests, it’s already too late because the damage has been done. In fact, if you had grub damage last year, your lawn has an 80% chance of being damaged by grubs again this year! Don’t wait until late June or August when you see the damage. Treat your lawn now.

Our New Grub Control Targets Only the Bad Bugs

The great news about our new treatment is that it is very effective at controlling the insects you don’t want, but has very little impact on the ones you do want, like honeybees and earthworms. With our grub control Acelepryn®, there is no adverse effect on bumblebee colonies even when the worker bees are exposed to flowering clover that has been directly sprayed with Acelepryn®. It also presents no hazard to humans or domestic animals, so Fido and the kids are safe to play on the lawn. Acelepryn® is registered with the EPA under their Reduced Risk Program.

How Does Acelepryn® Work?

We spray your lawn, and once applied, Acelepryn® moves into the soil and roots and then moves up the plant stem. It protects your turf from insects below the surface that you can’t see. And best of all, one application in the spring provides protection all season long. With Acelepryn®, it’s one and done!

If you need protection from grubs, give us a call at (806) 632-3571 or contact us online and we’ll be happy to come treat your Lubbock, Texas lawn.

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