Why the Grass Is Always Bluer on the Other Side of the Fence

You may have noticed some of your neighbors’ lawns looking a little blue and wondered why. Don’t worry, it’s not a lawn fungus sweeping the area. It’s blue tracer dye that we use at Ashton Walden Turf Services when we apply fertilizer or herbicide. “Why do we use it?” you ask.  

Blue Tracer Dye Helps Us Do Our Jobs More Accurately

We use the blue dye to help us see where we have sprayed your lawn to make sure we’ve covered the lawn completely and not missed any spots. We mix the dye with our fertilizer or herbicide to give us a visual indication of our coverage. That’s it. It serves no other purpose (than arousing curiosity). It does have the added benefit of letting our customers see that, without a doubt, their lawn care application has been completed.

Does a Darker Blue Color Indicate More Fertilizer or Herbicide?

Absolutely not. All it indicates is more blue dye. The way any West Texas lawn care company mixes the dye with its products is strictly up to them. Some make the blue dye darker, others lighter. As long as it’s easy to see which parts of the lawn have been sprayed, the dye has served its purpose. A darker blue color only indicates that the lawn company used a higher dye-to-product ratio, not more product. At Ashton Walden, we use only enough dye to make the application visible so the blue color doesn’t stay around as long.

Will the Blue Dye Harm my Lawn?

The blue dye will not harm your lawn. It is non-toxic and the sun breaks it down in one to two weeks. We do suggest you stay off of a freshly sprayed lawn to avoid staining any shoes or skin. It’s always a good idea to let your lawn dry for a few hours after a fertilizer or herbicide application so those chemicals won’t be on your clothes or skin. We suggest keeping pets off the lawn until it is dry too.

Blue Dye Signals the Start of Weed Control Season in Lubbock 

If you haven’t had your lawn treated yet for weed control, now is the time. If it’s not treated by the end of February, we will have to switch to post-emergent products and will not be able to control any winter grasses that have germinated. 

If you need weed control or have questions about lawn care, give the lawn care professionals at Ashton Walden Turf Services, a call at (806) 632-3571. We’ll help you keep your lawn looking green (sometimes temporarily blue) and healthy even with our Lubbock heat and water restriction challenges.

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