Acorns Falling from Oak Trees Causing a Hazard On Your Lawn?

A symbolization of strength, morale, and resistance, oak trees are not only considered elegant and graceful but provide endless amounts of shade. Oak trees are broad-leaved deciduous trees that belong to the beech family. They can reach a mature height of 50 to 70 feet high and throughout history have often been linked to the powerful Greek God, Zeus.

This beautiful, climate adaptable tree has one drawback, however, and that is an overabundance of dropping acorns. If you bike, hike, or walk, you have probably experienced having to dodge fallen acorns. Sometimes it can seem like a balancing act with trails and sidewalks covered in marbles of acorns. Or, perhaps you have been the unwilling victim of an acorn coming down on your head.

On your lawn, it can seem almost impossible to mow underneath an oak tree. Acorns can damage expensive yard equipment such as lawnmowers and become dangerous when mower blades hit them. For commercial properties, they can be a hazard for tenants or customers walking on sidewalks or driveways. Oak trees start producing acorns around age 20, and they typically begin dropping in late summer through fall. Like many trees, oaks have irregular cycles of acorn booms, causing an increase in their production every 2 -5 years.

Acorn Removal Through Tree Spraying

If your oak tree is producing a hazardous amount of acorns, we can help reduce the amount by stopping the oak from flowering. Acorn growth regulators can be sprayed on trees when they bloom to prevent acorn formation. However, even if you get the timing right, the spray must cover the entire tree, or the portion of the tree missed will produce acorns. This process can be tricky and hard to time correctly; therefore, we do not suggest you try this on your own.

At Ashton Walden Turf Services, we offer an acorn growth-regulating tree spray that our expert arborists use to prevent acorns from forming. Well-timed applications of acorn growth tree spray can dramatically reduce the acorn crop, especially when used consistently every year. A few applications and acorn control is greatly improved, and it doesn’t harm the tree in any way.

Tree and Shrub Care Program

Our arborists know Texas lawns. They will evaluate your property to create a customized treatment approach that quickly minimizes damage and protects your home. Our Tree & Shrub Program also fights sickness, diseases, insects, and the Texas heat and drought.

Allow us to create a customized program to treat all of your tree and shrub problems. Whether used as a standalone treatment or integrated with other lawn care applications, we can help all of your trees and shrubs reach their true growth potential. Contact us at 806-632-3571 or send us a message.

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