Fall Tree Care: Your Guide to Healthy Trees This Fall

Here in Texas, fall is the perfect time to tend to your trees. Fall tree care is a great way to give your trees a healthy boost and prepare them for winter dormancy. As temperatures start to dip, trees drop their leaves and go dormant. During their winter dormancy, all of the energy that was going to their leaves gets sent down to the roots, strengthening them before the winter ahead. Here are a few fall tree care tips to getting your trees ready for the winter.

Keep Watering Those Trees

Keeping your trees hydrated is a year-round task; that includes during the fall. For the most part, trees are able to get the water they need from rainfall. Unfortunately, here in Texas, we know that rain isn’t always dependable. Making sure you know the best time to water your Texas trees will ensure they will be around for generations to come.

During the fall and winter, when our trees enter dormancy, they drop all of their leaves and start focusing their resources and energy down to their roots. To encourage healthy root growth and efficient nutrient absorption, your trees will need one inch of water each week. If rainfall is sparse, then you’ll need to manually water your trees.

Fall Tree Fertilizer

Before winter dormancy, trees enter a phase of rapid absorption as they stockpile nutrients and minerals. Our trees absorb all of the water and nutrients they can reach, growing and strengthening their root systems. You’ll be able to encourage this with an application of fall tree fertilizer. This fall tree care tip gives your trees a boost of nutrients which are then rapidly absorbed into the roots, helping strengthen their root zone before winter.

An easy way to make sure your trees get the right nutrients at the right time of year is to invest in a yearly tree and shrub care program from Ashton Walden Turf Services. This will help you keep your trees healthy and beautiful all year round.

Deep Root Fertilization

To go along with the theme of fertilization, deep root fertilization is an excellent fall tree care service. Deep root fertilization involves the injection of a high-pressure mix of insecticide, water, and fertilizer straight to the roots. This ensures your tree will receive all of the nutrients, avoiding any competition with surrounding plants and eliminating the threat of run-off. The benefits of deep root fertilization can’t be overstated. It’s one of the best things you can do for your trees all year.

Protect Your Trees With Dormant Oil

One fall tree care technique that will protect your Idalou, TX trees from overwintering insects is a dormant oil application.
As temperatures drop, trees aren’t the only things entering dormancy. Insects will start looking for a place to cozy up for the winter, let’s make sure that place doesn’t end up being your tree. Some pests, like scale and aphids, overwinter on the branches, leaves, and bark of trees. When the temperatures start to rise in the spring, these tree-destroying pests will wake up and start feeding on your trees. Before you know it, you’ll have an infestation. That’s where dormant oil comes in.

Dormant oil is an insecticide spray that gets applied to every part of a dormant tree in the fall and again at the beginning of spring. This helpful spray covers up any unlucky insect that has decided to overwinter on your tree. The coating blocks their supply of oxygen, eliminating them before they can wake up. A couple of well-timed dormant oil applications will help protect your trees from damaging pests throughout the year.

Call in the Experts

Tree care can feel like a full-time job, that’s why you should call in the experts. Here at Ashton Walden Turf Services, we have the premium tree care services you need to ensure your trees and shrubs get the care they deserve all year long.

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