5 Benefits To Fall Aeration

Your lawn has endured another stressful Texas summer. Now, you are looking for ways to help your lawn rebound and recover from summer, to ensure good health come spring. Well, did you know one of the best ways to accomplish this is lawn aeration? It’s true! By aerating in the fall, not only are you aiding in repair from summer wear and tear, but you are also preparing your lawn to thrive in the cold winter months.

Lawn aeration (AKA core aeration) is the process of using a motorized machine to drill holes to remove plugs of turf. For best results, these plugs should be 2-3 inches deep, a half-inch in diameter, and approximately 2-3 inches apart. Here are five benefits to aerating this fall.

Benefit #1: The Roots

The living cells inside your grass’ root systems require oxygen to convert sugars into energy. Ultimately to promote growth. Over time (usually as a result of heavy foot traffic) the soil can become compacted, making it extremely difficult for the underground root system to get oxygen. By aerating, you are creating a constant flow of oxygen to the roots.  You are allowing the roots to reach deeper for water. Ultimately, this creates a deeper, healthier, and more effective root system, which promotes overall lawn health.

Benefit #2: The Soil

As previously mentioned, when the soil becomes compacted it can prevent the grass’ root systems from getting essential nutrients. By aerating, you are loosening up the soil, relieving compaction, and allowing easy access for the nutrients to get deep into the root systems.

Benefit #3: Winter Preparation


If you are planning on using winter fertilizer, aerating beforehand can prove to be extremely beneficial. Winter fertilizers are high in potassium. Which promotes the overall health of the grass while strengthening the root systems to tolerate the stresses cold weather brings. Aerating allows the fertilizer to dive deeper into the root systems, allowing storage of the nutrients throughout winter and into spring. 

Benefit #4: Thatch Prevention

Thatch is a layer of dead grass (generally caused by overuse of chemicals) that, when too thick, it will block moisture and air from getting to the roots. Regular aeration will help by pulling thatch-preventing microorganisms from the soil to the surface.

Benefit #5: Water Runoff and Puddle Prevention

Water runoff and puddles can cause significant damage to your lawn. Not only will aeration help prevent water runoff and puddles, but it will also direct the water to the root systems to promote growth. Two benefits for the price of one!

At Ashton Walden, we have quality aeration services that deliver results. Our trained professionals will take the time to develop a plan to best protect your lawn now, and prepare it for the future. Give us a call at 806-632-3571. Let us help you get that healthy lawn you’ve always wanted, all year long!


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