Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Emergent Herbicides

If you’re striving for that lush, green, and healthy lawn this spring, one of the things you’re going to have to keep in check is the weeds. Simply put, weeds are thieves. They steal water, sunlight, space, and other essential nutrients from your grass. The impact a weed infestation can have on your lawn is significant, so protecting your lawn against it is vital. That’s where pre-emergent herbicides come in handy.

One of the best ways to give your lawn a head start on the weeds this spring is through a pre-emergent herbicide application. What is it? And how does it work? When is the best time to apply it? How do I apply it? Let’s answer those questions now. Here is everything you need to know about pre-emergent herbicide!

What Is Pre-Emergent Herbicide? How Does It Work?

Pre-emergent herbicides are chemicals that stop weeds from growing in the first place. Hence the name, “pre-emergent.”  This chemical does not stop the weeds from germinating. Instead, it forms a chemical barrier over the soil, which makes it extremely difficult for weeds to grow roots and sprout.

Most pre-emergent herbicides are effective in combating most types of lawn weeds… But not all types. You’re going to want to be sure you are using the right type of herbicide for the right type of lawn weed. The best way to ensure the proper pre-emergent herbicide is being applied to your lawn is to call the experts at Ashton Walden.

When Is The Best Time To Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicides?

The best time to apply pre-emergent herbicide is before the weeds begin to grow and before the soil temperature has hit 55 degrees. According to the West Texas Mesonet’s current soil observations in Lubbock, the soil temperature is just below 50 degrees. This means right now is the prime time for a pre-emergent herbicide application!

A second application is highly recommended, 5-7 weeks after the first. This is to reinforce the soil and keep the weeds where they belong… GONE!

How Do I Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicides?

It’s simple! Pick up the phone and call the experts in weed control at Ashton Walden. Our market-leading herbicides will target, eliminate, and most importantly, prevent weeds inhabiting and taking over your lawn and garden this spring.  

Give your lawn and garden the protection from weeds they deserve and contact us today at (806) 632-3571. Our team of professionals will create and customize a lawn care program to bring life, longevity, and beauty to your lawn and garden. Call us today for your free assessment!

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