5 Drought Resistant Plants For Your Texas Landscape

Here in Texas, we are very familiar with drought and water restrictions. Trying to remember what day you can water based on your address or what time of day in what month… It get’s really confusing.

Our hot and dry climate really limits what we can landscape with but luckily there are certain plants that have adapted to our harsh environment and look great too. Stop worrying about water rationing and maintaining non-native plants and start planting drought-resistant plants for your Texas landscape.

Fountain Grass

You’ve probably seen this grass used in plenty of landscapes already but I bet you didn’t know that it’s a drought tolerant plant originating in Africa and the middle east. Yes, these tall stalks of waving grass are usually used to border walkways or frame other features, but they are also very hardy when times get tough.fountain grass


As their name suggests, the bottlebrush plant has bright pink flowers that resemble the bristles of a bottle brush. These drought tolerant plants can reach heights of fifteen feet and can add an unexpected splash of color to your drought-resistant landscape. They can grow in pretty much any soil type as long as it’s well drained.

Desert Willow

Native to Texas, the desert willow is actually a bush and it’s no stranger to water rationing. It’s used to growing in dry creekbeds where the occasional rains cause it to grow rapidly. It can tolerate extended periods of drought but when it is watered its white flowers will bloom. As an added bonus, hummingbirds and other desert birds are attracted to the seeds and flowers.

St. Augustine Grass

You may think that if you are being water-conscious when choosing plants that a traditional-looking yard is out of the question. But it’s not. St. Augustine grass is a fast spreading, full-sun-loving turfgrass that can stick it out through a drought. One drawback is that it does not like foot traffic so… keep off the grass!

Trailing Rosemary

A great choice for the homeowner looking for rapid ground cover and not having to worry about water restrictions. Trailing rosemary does great in poor soils and can stand with the best when it comes to drought and heat tolerance. It’s a plant a choice for rock gardeners who love the way it creeps and hangs over rocks and ledges.

Landscape with these drought tolerant plants and you can have the yard of your dreams without having to worry about being tied to a strict watering schedule.

If you need help deciding which plants are best for your landscape or need help with any lawn care needs call Ashton Waldon at (806) 632-3571 or leave us a message to learn more about how we can help you!

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