Don’t Let the Winter Blues Get Your Lawn Down

Winter is coming… and there’s no better way to describe it. Ready or not, you can guarantee it’ll show up. Some of us are being vigilant and have been prepping our lawns for the winter months, others are too busy to even think about it. Either way, taking care of your lawn before winter hits can be very rewarding!

Here are a few tips to keep your lawn healthy:

Use Winter Fertilizer

For many lawn types, like fescue, winter fertilization typically takes place when the growth rate slows, or just after the last “full mow” of the season. Winter fertilizing gives your lawn a better chance of survival through the cold months and leads to healthier, greener grass in the spring.  

Beware of Big Decorations

That awesome giant, animated, lighted reindeer in the center of your lawn is majestic. We think it’s awesome, but your grass may not feel the same way. Bulky or heavy objects can weaken or discolor your grass. Keep your lawn free of debris as much as possible and check under heavy items, like decorations, periodically for signs of lawn damage.   

Keep off the Grass

Those classic signs of discoloration offer some solid advice. Excessive walking or driving on your lawn during winter months will weaken your grass and reduce the chances of it returning to a healthy state in the spring.

We hope you, and your lawn, have a happy, stress-free winter! Share these tips with your neighbors and don’t forget, for more information on winterizing your lawn give Ashton Walden Turf Services a call at (806) 632-3571 or contact us here. Thanks for reading.

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