Christmas Decorations for a Festive Lawn

Christmas is the time to make your lawn shine, literally! We love the fun and joy that comes with decorating your house for a spirited Christmas. That’s why we want to share with our very best Christmas Lawn Decorating tips!

#1: Add some detail to that wreath!


This is the first item that your guests will see when ringing your doorbell, so it is no wonder that it has become trendy for decorators to pay attention to the shiny possibilities that can be embedded into these wreaths. Add some extra flair by hot glueing petite ornaments, strings of beads, or artificial snow into the needles. Make sure that you are adding enough detail to give the wreath some unique texture and Christmas shine. Don’t forget to leave green space, so that the needles can still be seen.


#2: Be conscious of your displays on the grass!


For a cute and playful look, don’t be afraid to invite Santa’s reindeer helpers into your yard! Light-up characters, such as reindeer, polar bears, and snowmen, always provide a light and joyful feeling to any yard. Here at Ashton Walden, we want to remind you to pay attention to how these decorations can affect your lawn. Don’t set decorations directly on the grass!

Instead wait to put these on display a bit closer to Christmas time, so that they cause minimal damage to your lawn, or set them up on your driveway keeping them off your lawn and away from vegetation.

It is also helpful to remember that with these lawn decorations, a little bit goes a long way! We recommend sticking with smaller, lightweight displays that put less strain on the lawn, but this does not mean that your Christmas spirit will not shine through!

#3: Mix lights and garland together!


There are many ways to show off the combination of intertwined lights and garland. They can be wrapped around porch railings, bannisters, or even just over the doorway. The green garland during the daytime provides a look that is peaceful and inviting, and once the lights turn on at night, you will have a beautiful look and feel to your festive house!

Have a great holiday season and thanks for reading! Share these tips with your neighbors and don’t forget, if you need information on winterizing your lawn give Ashton Walden Turf Services a call at (806) 632-3571 or contact us here. Thanks for reading!

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