Aeration: The First Step To Your Dream Home’s Lawn


Any resident of Lubbock, Texas can attest to the extreme weather their lawns are subjected to each and every year. Jumping from freezing cold to over ninety degrees, sometimes within a short span of time, can lead to heavily compacted soil that makes it difficult for water to reach the grass’s roots. Living in this part of Texas doesn’t mean residents have to settle for brown and patchy lawns, though; it is possible to maintain beautiful and healthy grass through a process called aeration.

What Causes Compacted Soil?

Compacted soil is not a friendly environment for your lawn. Why does it happen? Over time, heavy rains and foot traffic cause soil to compact, creating a hard surface that keeps sufficient nutrients, water, and air from reaching the grass plant’s root system. The cure is aeration, a process of loosening up compacted soil so that your grass can eat, drink and breathe again!

What Is Aeration?

Aeration is simply a way of providing water, oxygen, and nutrients all the way down to the roots, allowing grass to get everything it needs to thrive. Small holes are created in the lawn to allow the roots to grow deeper, even if soil is naturally compacted. This allows the grass to take a better hold in the soil, and creates better circulation of oxygen and water. Ultimately this gives the grass a better chance of growing and leads to a greener, healthier looking lawn.

What Are The Benefits of Aeration?

Not only will aeration loosen up compacted soil allowing roots to get the life-giving nutrients and water they need, it will also give roots more room to stretch out and grow, making your grass healthier and more vigorous in the process. Plus, an aerated lawn is less susceptible to disease and thatch build-up. It also has the added benefit of reducing water runoff, which happens when soil can’t absorb water the way it should, and most importantly at this time of year, it increases your lawn’s resistance to heat and drought conditions.

With water restrictions becoming more common in the summers, aerating your lawn allows you to make the most of the water you do use. The grass is able to absorb significantly more of the water and fertilizer being used because it is rooted deeper into the ground, helping to cut back waste. Aeration is a fairly simple process that produces maximum benefits. Don’t let the Lubbock weather and dense soil get the best of your grass – have a professional aerate your lawn and see how beautiful and green it can be!

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Is There an Optimum Time for Aerating?

Even though spring and fall are traditional times for aerating a lawn, there’s no harm in doing it in the summer. In fact, if soil is compacted, waiting until fall to aerate can actually make grass suffer during the hot and often dry summer months when it needs water more than ever!

Do I Need Professional Aeration Services?

If your lawn’s soil is compacted, call a lawn care professional as soon as possible to give your lawn the benefits of aeration before the dog days of summer set in! They’ll have the necessary aeration equipment and the expertise to make sure the job is done right to ensure optimal benefits to your summer lawn!

In the Lubbock, Texas region, the number one team of lawn care pros can be found in only one place — at Ashton Walden Turf Services, the area’s premiere lawn care company for the past twenty years. Contact us today to arrange an inspection and aeration services and enjoy a healthy Lubbock lawn!

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