5 Signs Your Lubbock Lawn Is Struggling

If the intense summer heat here in Lubbock is stressing you out a little, imagine what it’s doing to your lawn! July and August are absolutely brutal on your lawn, so pay attention, especially to sunny areas as they are the usually the first areas to show stress. The lawn care experts at Ashton Walden have put together this list of signs to look for before your lawn is damaged irreparably:

1. Change in Grass Color

One of the first signs is a slight change in color. This can be hard to detect unless you’re paying close attention. Your grass will change from deep green to bluish gray. Keep your eyes open for this subtle change.

2. Wilting or Curling Grass Blades

When moisture is missing from grass blades, they begin to curl and wilt. Remember, each blade of grass is its own individual plant doing its best to survive under tough conditions. Get down and look closely at your grass. If you see signs of curling blades, your grass is drought stressed.

3. Weeds

Weeds tend to do better with the heat than turf grass. If you see more weeds popping up, that means it’s been very hot and you should keep a close eye on your lawn. Make sure you are watering regularly.

4. Footprints that Stay in the Grass

This is another subtle sign that your grass needs more water. When grass begins to dry out, it becomes less elastic or resilient and takes longer to recover from stress like being walked on.

5. Bare or Brown Spots in Your Lawn

When you see brown spots or bare spots, your lawn is extremely stressed and some damage has already been done. First check the catch cups that we gave you to make sure that these areas are getting the same amount of water as the rest of the lawn. Begin watering regularly, and if you have fescue, plan to overseed in the fall to fix the damaged areas. You may want to overseed the entire lawn to make sure you cover any areas that have thinned due to drought stress.
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Water Your Lawn Regularly

If you notice any of these signs, your lawn needs attention fast. Your lawn needs at least one to two inches of water every week. Remember: deep watering is better than watering a little every day. Just make sure you are watering deeply on the days you are allowed to. Yes, we have watering restrictions, but make sure you are watering on both of your water days.

Drought Related Mowing Tip

To help your lawn beat the heat, raise your mowing height and only mow when the lawn needs it. Letting your grass grow taller provides several benefits. First, a longer blade will give your grass a better ability to make and store food for itself in these tough conditions. Secondly, taller grass has deeper roots, which can reach water more effectively. Third, taller grass also shades soil better, which helps to reduce water loss and prevent weeds from invading your lawn.

Is your lawn not recovering from the recent heat? It may need a professional touch. Call the pros at Ashton Walden Turf Services at (806) 632-3571 or contact us online.

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