5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Hiring a Lawn Care Company

Choosing a good lawn care company can be a bit confusing since many companies offer similar service packages. Ashton Walden understands that the experience and quality of a lawn care company can mean the difference between a lush, thick green lawn, and one that’s just average. Look a little closer when you’re searching for a Lubbock lawn care company and consider the following questions before you choose a company to take care of your lawn:

What’s their reputation?

You can check a potential lawn care company’s reputation by looking at a few key indicators:

  • Angie’s List – Angie’s List is the go-to site for verified reviews from real customers. They ensure that providers aren’t able to enter their own “fake reviews” just to drum up business, which means you’re getting honest feedback from people who’ve had experience with the company.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating – A company that’s accredited by the BBB is a company that’s built trust, safeguarded their customers’ privacy, and advertised honestly. Take a look at the BBB’s accreditation standards before you consider adding a company to your list of potential lawn care providers.
  • Customer Reviews – One of the best ways to determine whether a lawn care company will deliver the kind of service and results you want is to ask its customers. Since you’re looking at local companies, there might be someone in your neighborhood who’s used them. You can also check online with a Google search for reviews — both positive and negative.

Are their employees certified professionals?

One of the main reasons people hire a lawn care service is to ensure that your lawn will be cared for by professionals with the know-how and experience that you lack. Ask a potential company if their employees are NALP (National Association of Landscape Professionals) certified. A really good company will have several certified lawn care professionals in their employ.

Are they fully insured?

If your lawn care company isn’t insured and there’s a fender bender involving your parked or a rock-versus-window “incident”, guess who’ll be responsible for footing the bill? Uh-huh, you will! Before you get saddled with expensive repair bills or worse — a medical bill for an injured lawn care worker, do yourself a favor and ask if they’re insured. If the answer is anything but yes, they’re out!

How’s their customer service department?

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a question for a company with a poor customer service department that has a machine picking up calls. If you’ve got a question or a concern about your service, you should be able to get through to a person with answers without having to jump through hoops!

What’s their guarantee?

If it sounds too good the be true, it probably is, but no guarantee or promise is an indication that they may not be willing to stand behind their work. We can’t promise you that we will be able to keep every weed out of your yard, but we can promise to come out immediately if you let us know that your lawn has a problem.

Ashton Walden is the lawn care company with the qualifications, experience, and reputation you’re looking for. Our goal is to make lawn care easy for you, so we make it simple to request an estimate or pay online, we’re fully insured, and a real person will answer your call and cheerfully answer any question you have!

We know that lawn care in the Lubbock area presents some unique challenges, so contact us to learn more about our lawn care programs for your lawn.

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