4 Winter Tips for Lubbock Lawns

At Ashton Walden Turf Services, we know a lot of homeowners assume lawn care season is over. While less work is certainly required in winter, your Lubbock lawn still needs some attention. Here are a few winter tips to help your lawn look its best next spring.

Winterize Your Lawn

The best way to make sure your spring lawn looks great is to winterize it. Winterizing adds organic matter to sandy soil which adds nutrients and also helps it retain water.

Our speed zone herbicide kills weeds so they can’t come back in the spring. Grassy and broadleaf weeds are competing with your lawn for the precious nutrients it needs to keep its root system healthy and able to withstand the colder winter temperatures. Giving your lawn a little extra attention now, helps it overwinter better and come out stronger in the spring.

Rake or Remove Leaves

Whether you rake or mulch your leaves, it’s best to remove them before the cold, wet winter arrives. If left on the lawn, they can become wet and matted, blocking out the sun and water and killing the grass below.

Don’t Scalp Your Lawn

If you want to cut your lawn short, wait until late spring. Scalping your lawn in the winter exposes the crown of the grass plant to cold and could harm or kill the plant. Make your last mowing of the year a normal or maybe slightly lower than normal level so your turf has the best chance of weathering the coming winter well.

Water Your Lawn All Winter Long

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is not watering their lawns all winter. Fescue needs .5 inches of water per week. Bermuda grass needs 1.5 inches of water per month.

Give your lawn what it needs this winter and you’ll be happy that you did when it comes in green and lush next spring. If you have lawn questions, give us a call at (806) 632-3571 or contact us online.

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