4 Fixes for a Drought Stressed Lawn

Let’s face it, lawn care is not easy in Lubbock. So maybe the heat has taken its toll on your lawn. Maybe you weren’t watering it on every day allowed by our watering restrictions here in the Lubbock area. Regardless of why your lawn is drought stressed, here are some helpful tips to save it from any more damage and help it along the road to recovery:

Water Diligently & Faithfully

First and foremost water it whenever you are allowed. Remember that watering deeply a couple of times a week is better than a light watering more often. Watering deeply encourages the roots to grow deeper where water is available more often. Watering lightly encourages the roots to stay closer to the surface where they are more susceptible to heat and dry soil. Make sure you water every time on your days allowed. Make it a priority if you want your lawn to survive the summer.


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Thin the Layer of Thatch

Every lawn has a layer of thatch that builds up above the surface of the soil. Lawn clippings, leaves, etc. get caught between the blades of grass and settle there. Removing this layer helps the grass absorb the water faster and better. For most grasses, thatch should be less than a half inch thick.

Kill Weeds

Weeds fare much better in heat and drought conditions than turf grass does. If you see weeds popping up in your lawn, it’s best to kill them now before they take hold and then go to seed creating more weeds for you next spring. Weeds compete with your grass for water and nutrients, so get rid of them as soon as they rear their ugly little heads. You can spot treat or spray the entire lawn. It won’t harm your turf grass as long as you read the label carefully and choose the right type of weed killer.

Reseed Bare Areas When the Weather Cools Down

If you have bare spots, or if your lawn just looks thin, consider overseeding. If you overseed with a cool-season grass, it will protect your lawn from erosion and runoff. Here in Lubbock, cool-season grasses like ryegrass and tall fescue work well because they will die off with the heat come spring allowing your turf of choice to take over for the summer. You’ll also get a green lawn all winter long. Overseed your Lubbock lawn about a month before it would normally turn brown.


Professional Lawn Care Services for Lubbock

A vigorous, dense turfgrass is one of the best defenses against drought damage, as well as weed and pest invasion. A Healthy Lawn Plan from Ashton Walden Turf Services will help you grow a strong turf with deep-roots which will have a higher tolerance for the dry conditions here in the Lubbock area.


Call Ashton Walden Turf Services for professional lawn care services in Lubbuck. Call us at (806) 632-3571.



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