3 Tips to Enjoy Your Lawn, All Summer Long

During northwest Texas’ hot summer season, it’s not uncommon to see lawns with brittle or dead patches that suffer from the dryness. After all the work you’ve done to build a beautiful lawn, the last thing any homeowner wants is to damage their lawn with neglect or too much traffic.

However, what good is a great lawn if you can’t spend any time on it? Summer is the season of BBQ’s and pool parties, so Ashton Walden Turf Services put together a list of ways you can care for your lawn AND keep the party going.

Minimize the Damage

Pets and guests can be poison to a brittle lawn if not handled correctly. If you have a dog, strictly prohibit it from digging and pacing. Outdoor pets – both dogs and cats can create paths of dead grass by rhythmically pacing back and forth. Discourage these activities as best as you can, to protect your lawn. Landscaping near your fence line will discourage traffic there.

Likewise, consider entertaining inside if your lawn is struggling during the summer months. If your guests absolutely must stand on your lawn, be sure to have tables and chairs available. Always pick up trash, toys, and furniture after your guests have left. Anything left on your lawn is likely to leave patches of dead grass, on top of being an eyesore.

Enjoy the Benefits of Water Restrictions

Since Lubbock lawns are subject to watering restrictions, why not make the most of it? Though ‘restrictions’ often sounds like a bad thing, using your water effectively is the best way to care for your lawn. Water restrictions actually ensure you’re using the appropriate volume of water and controlling runoff by preventing you from over watering.

If you’re concerned about the amount of water your grass is getting, it’s easy to measure! Scatter catch cups around your lawn before you run your sprinkler system for a set amount of time, like 30 minutes. After that 30 minutes, collect your cups and measure how many inches of water is in each of them. By adding the total inches collected and divided by the number of cups, you can find the average number of inches of water your sprinkler delivers in 30 minutes. Now, you know exactly how many minutes your sprinkler system needs to run to properly water your lawn.

Reduce Run Off

Though our water restrictions make it unlikely you’ll overwater your lawn, if you notice water leaking out of your lawn and rushing into the street, you have a runoff problem. Keep an eye on your lawn next time you’re watering, and stop the sprinklers if you see water spilling into the street.

If the problem is uniform across the lawn, you may be overwatering. Measure your sprinkler output with the information above. If you only notice one area with this problem, it could be due to your sprinkler. Give your lawn care technician a call to get it fixed ASAP! Until you do, your lawn and your utility bills will suffer.

With the proper care, your lawn can stay green, even through the final BBQ of the summer. Not ready to show off your lawn this season? Give Ashton Walden Turf Services a call at (806) 632-3571 if you need a little help getting your yard party- ready.

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